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Free/Low Priced Co-working Space in NYC


As more people telecommute, more people become entrepreneurs and the number of students grow, a number of places are poping up where people get together and … work.

Here are a few places and sources I am aware of:

  1. Dogpatch Labs is an open source startup lab.
  2. Green Spaces is work space to launch green entrepreneurs.
  3. Rose Tech is an incubator and co-working space in Madison Square Park.
  4. New Work City is a community coworking space in Manhattan.
  5. A list of places to go in NYC provided from nextny.org, a great source of free places to work.
  6. Jelly, a nation wide group providing co-working office space for around ~200 a month, not bad!
  7. This is NYC’s local Jelly group, the first day you come is free!
  8. Sunshine suites is has a few co-working options.
  9. Co-working meetup groups all over the world.
  10. Coworking Community NYC.
  11. BREAKOUT! Escape from the Office NYC.

Tony Bacigalupo has some interesting information on co-working at his website, check it out.

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