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Python Django Development


Ok so you want to learn about Python and Django.

First off understand the difference between Django and other languages.
Lets take Java Vs Python, read this article.

The official site http://www.djangoproject.com/.

Best tools for Django.

sublime text editor

Then install some packages

to install the open source stuff copy the “import urllib2,os; ….” stuff
then press command ~ and past it in and press enter.

Best plugins are

  • sftp
  • Theme – Soda
  • SublimeCodeIntel
  • SideBarEnhancements
  • WordHighlight

– Control + Command + P – switching between different projects
– Command + / – commenting/uncommenting
– Command + ] – Indent
– Command + [ – Unindent
– Control + Command + Up – move selected line up
– Control + Command + Down – move selected line down
– Command + Number – switches to an open tab. Command + 1 goes to the 1st tab, Command + 2 – 2nd tab, etc.
– Shift + Command + F – searches through the whole project
– Shift + Control + K – deletes selected code or line


I do a lot of work in the Eclipse IDE.
Here are a few of my tips using that IDE–
Getting autocomplete in eclipse with the PyDev plugin, press the following sequence of keys:
f [control] [space]
(I’ll do my best to keep this post updated.)

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