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Entrepreneur + Hacker + Designer  

I’m the cofounder and chief operating officer of drchrono


My name is Daniel Kivatinos. I’m a designer, software engineer and entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley California. I am cofounder of drchrono. drchrono is a medical platform for doctors and patients.

After completing a Degree in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Computer Science, I moved into the startup scene.

In 2008 I started working on a concept health platform with Michael Nusimow. This concept became drchrono.

drchrono is a culmination of people passionate in crafting only the best mobile healthcare experience, with a focus on iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and web. The driving force of our efforts is in changing the way people engage and experience healthcare through electronic health records. Michael my cofounder and I are voted highly influential healthcare entrepreneurs by Health Science Degree and winning the 40 under 40 award.

Since the inception of drchrono, we have attracted over 87,000+ physicians, 6+ million patients and over 1.3+ billion in medical billing processed per year through the platform.

drchrono is ranked by INC 500 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America two years in a row – http://www.inc.com/profile/drchrono

Silicon Valley Business Journal designated drchrono as one of the fastest growing private company in the Silicon Valley and was voted the #1 mobile Electronic Health Record three years in a row by over 22,000 physicians in a survey conducted by Black Book Rankings.

drchrono is part of Y Combinator.

Patient, Dynamic Forms –

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  1. Sachin Ghanekar

    drchrono is interesting and the fact that you guys are passionate of mobile technology to help patients and especially doctors on the move.

    We are a startup swell, currently self funded – therefore not big as you 🙂

    I learned about you on NYC seed. We are in Milpitas, CA.


  2. danielkivatinos

    Thanks for the support Sachin! I hope all is going well with your startup!

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