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Pitching to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists

Tell a Story
(You have 10 seconds to get their emotional attention)

Talk about product.
(e.g.:iPad product)

Talk about how we are going to generate revenue.

Your needs
2-3 biz dev people
Higher a PR agency
Bring on developers

Money and how much you are asking for and the time.

Exits for investors and us.

Taken from David Rose:
VC Pitches is about investing in the PEOPLE!
Angel pitches are ~15 minutes or under
VC pitches are less then 30 minutes
-1) You must show integrity
-2) You must show passion

Just some side notes, never say the following words to investors, they invalidate previous things you mentioned!:

  • Honestly
  • Truthfully
  • To be Frank
  • Frankly
  • Not for nothing
  • Realistic
  • Kind of

Join the Army of Entrepreneurs

In his commencement address to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign last Sunday, Kauffman Foundation President and CEO Carl Schramm told students,

“We need an army of the smartest, most passionate young people to try their hand at building a business-people who will take their heads and their hearts into the market, founding companies that will bring forth new products and services that will help humankind.”