Software for OS X

After using OS X for a few weeks now I am learning what the best software out there is for it.

Below is some of the good free software for OS X:

Paid Software:

  • Adobe CS4 Master Collection
  • Camtasia
  • Microsoft Office 2008
  • RealVNC Enterprise

Some other random but I found useful information:

5 thoughts on “Software for OS X

  1. Dennis Martinez

    I have a few more that I use on a daily basis that you might be interested in:

    – I’ve had quite a lot of issues with MacPorts before (particularly compilation issues). I’ve since switched to Homebrew ( Admittedly, it has a lot less packages than MacPorts has, but it’s easier to install and maintain in my opinion. I can be a bit biased, since it’s built with Ruby 😉
    – For developing, I use TextMate ( It’s not free, but it’s a pretty powerful text editor.
    – I see you have KeePass there. Have you used 1Password ( before? It’s also a paid app, but it’s the best password manager I’ve ever used.

    If I think up of any others that you might find useful, I’ll let you know.

  2. Grant Davis

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