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Steve Jobs


Steve Jobs was a visionary, an amazing salesmen and much more.

Here is an amazing article on Steve: John Sculley On Steve Jobs, The Full Interview Transcript

Transferring Apps from iTunes to iTunes on a different computer


Go to Your home folder ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications folder.
You should see all the applications that are in iTunes.
Select them all (cmd+A) and copy them (cmd+C).

How do you log out of iTunes in order to use a different iPod/iPhone/iPad on it?


When I open iTunes i get this message…”Another user on this computer is uisng the iPod software, so iTunes is unable to communicate with this iPod/iPhone/iPad. please ask the other use to log out.

How do you log out?

The answer to this question is:
iTunes > Store > Logout or another user is logged in either your account or in another

DrChrono shows their iPad chops


By Matthew Holt

The guys from DrChrono have come a long way since we saw them first just last summer. They have a SaaS based practice management system, but at Health 2.0 at the Doctor’s Office they introduced an iPad-based tool for physicians. Here’s a quick video I took of them last month, with a live fake demo of what it might look like in a real encounter between a real doctor, and a fake patient.

This is a repost from “The Health Care Blog“.

The iPad


The Apple Tablet iPad Video, check it out!:

A great article to read about the iPad.

Sync Safari Bookmarks From Your Computer to Your iPhone & iPod Touch


If you find yourself using your iPhone and iPod Touch to browse the web more and more each day then be sure to setup your iPhone/iPod Touch to sync your Safari Bookmarks.

  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Select the iPhone/iPod Touch in iTunes
  • Select the info Tab
  • Scroll Down to Web Browser and check the box next to Sync Safari Bookmarks
  • Click Sync and check your iPhone/iPod Touch for the updated Bookmark list
  • Discover interesting sites while on the go and able to check back on them when you return to the larger screen comfort of your Mac. Taking your bookmarks with you has never been easier.


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