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Microsoft Word


I will be adding MS Word tips here from time to time.

How do I move images in Word?

  1. Right click on the picture
  2. Format Picture
  3. Change the Layout
  4. Usually Behind will allow you to move it wherever you want. You will just need to move text around it then.
  5. Otherwise pick one of the other settings that does what you want.

Ira Glass on Story Telling


I am a big fan of Ira Glass and what he does with his story telling in his podcast “This American Life“.

Listen to this if you are interested in learning how to story tell from one of the very best out there!



One of the best ways to do a presentation is though the Pecha-kucha presentation method, I found this video online and it really gives you an idea of how powerful the Pecha-kucha presentation method is:


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