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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)


I have been using SugarCRM for over a year now.
There is a free version of the software and paid version of the software.

Check out this great podcast on the CRM: TWiT focused on SugarCRM

Check out the Sugar Podcast, though it seems a bit out of date.

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Websites for Artists


Places to show off your portfolio and work:

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Best Network Security Tools


These are the networking security tools I have used:

  • nmap – A very powerful tool to check what ports are open on what machines and tells what machines are on your network.
  • wireshark – Packet sniffing tool that reads and tells were the internal network packet attack might be coming from.
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Free Lunch Friday Notes July 23 2010


We were honored this week to have David Rose talking about the direction that companies are going.

I took a few notes on what he had mentioned.

First he mention some great outsourcing resources:

David also mentioned that we should take a look at the books Wikinomic sand Three Moves Ahead a book by Bob Rice.

Video Tools


DVD to AVI tools:

More tools for this here: SuperUser answers.

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Best Social Video Sites


The three that I prefer are:

  • Viddler
  • Vimeo
  • Youtube
  • Facebook

I will be trying these out at some point:

  1. Veoh
  2. metacafe
  3. revver

Recommend any others?

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Online Development/Developer Communities


Stack Overflow

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky got together a little over a year ago to create I think the best online tech communities around. Somehow they where able pull it off which I commend them on their great feat, getting developers to work together!…if you have never heard of these sites, I highly urge you to go and start using these sites!

Online development communities:

My accounts on these sites:

Joel and Jeff have a great podcast as well that I am an avid listener too.

As well the Stack Overflow iPhone app is here!

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Inspirational Artists


A listing of some great videos of inspirational artists

Some of the great photos of our time can be found at Arts in Miami, I love their work.

If you haven’t seen it check out the movie Pollock:

Some work, by a great artist from nyc Liz Marotti:

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Some of my favorate pluggins are listed below:

Good form jQuery


Popup media players

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