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Microsoft Word

I will be adding MS Word tips here from time to time.

How do I move images in Word?

  1. Right click on the picture
  2. Format Picture
  3. Change the Layout
  4. Usually Behind will allow you to move it wherever you want. You will just need to move text around it then.
  5. Otherwise pick one of the other settings that does what you want.

Great Podcasts

I listen to very few podcasts, but the ones I listen to I highly recommend.

I am creating this list over time, take a look at it (it is always a work in progress)



How to Contact An Investor

There are a few ways to contact investors.

I believe the best way to do this is to find someone who can make a warm introduction for you via email. Then taking it from there. If you can find someone that you know who knows the investor.

Sending an email without knowing an investor before hand is hard because investors get 100’s of email a day from potentail companies to invest in.

Listening to Jason Calacanis’s on the podcast This Week In Startups he talks about the best way to contact investors via email. Some great advise from him, never send powerpoints, don’t email investors at strange hours of the night with your business ideas. Screenshots or a URL are good. Listen to these few minutes, they are very good: mp3.

Howard Morgan from First Round Capital says he will never open a .doc file. He doesn’t want to get a computer virus.

This is the email:

Hi Mr [THEM],

This is dot dot dot, I’m taking on this market, I’d love to tell you more if your interested. Here is my URL.