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Simply The Best Office Setup


This is the setup I use and recommend to everyone.

Macbook Pro 13 Inch
Logitech M505
The Official Skype Freetalk Everyman Headset
iPhone 4


You can’t go wrong.

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Gov 2.0 Expo 2010


Jay Parkinson, “Healthcare Needs a Redesign”

Tim Berners-Lee, “Open, Linked Data for a Global Community”

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Top Web Conferencing Options


DimDim, I recommend them!

  • They are free and great overall to get you started.
  • They do have a conference line that sometimes echos at times.
  • Free unlimited conference line minutes, you can’t beat that!
  • Unlimited free logins!
  • The record feature never seemed to work for me.
  • No downloads, no addon installs!

GoToMeeting, I recommend them!

  • $49.00 per monthly for 1 account.
  • $39.00 if paying annually, $468.00 per year for 1 account. Up to 15 people allowed.
  • The BEST conferencing phone feature, very easy.
  • The is a small download when presenting, so that is a downside.

Fuze Meeting

  • A very good service overall BUT 120 minutes is the max amount per month on the conference line (toll free line or fetch feature.) 6 cents per minute adds up! They should make this unlimited for paying users.
  • They have many price options.
  • The record feature never seemed to work for me.
  • Great Skype integration.


  • $49 per month.
  • Per pay annually $39 per month.

Feel free to let me know of any others and I’ll include them in this blog post.

Ignite Events


Ignite events let people do 5 minute presentation, very fast but if done right….great.

Here is one by Tim O’Reilly:

Another interesting presentation:

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Remote Machine Boot Control


Restarting/reboot a Windows XP remotely, use ‘shutdown’ command from the command console.
Run cmd.exe, and type ‘shutdown -r -t 0’ to restart the machine.

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Networking Tools


Another list I plan on adding to over time…

Online networking tools:

Unix/Linux networking tools:

Simple examples of dig, the dns utility

To get an A record for an address:
$dig www.google.com

To get any record for an address:
$dig www.google.com ANY

To use a specific dns server:
$dig @ns.google.com www.google.com

To find the MX records of a domain:
$dig google.com MX

Mac help:
Accessing a windows shared drive from a mac

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Linux/Unix System Administrator Tools


Online tools:

Offline tools:

  • (I will be adding to this list overtime….)

Software tools:

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