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drchrono on “Street Signs” with Erin Burnett and Carl Schramm


I had the great honor of being interviewed by CNBC’s Erin Burnett along with Carl Schramm, CEO of the Kauffman Foundation. You can see the segment below where Carl gives his insights on how entrepreneurship drives the creation of new jobs and economic growth. I talked about DrChrono.com

If you can’t view the MSNBC video, here is another format of the same video:

Daniel and I both had the chance to speak with Carl Schramm after the interview and he is really an old school tough as nails entrepreneur who has founded four companies during his career. He gave us some great advice while standing outside the New York Stock Exchange after the interview. Carl was an awesome guy to meet and get a chance to talk to. I’ll definitely write more about Carl’s advice for us and all entrepreneurs in a future post.
The response from even this brief airtime on CNBC has been great. We’ve already gotten lots of new traffic from the exposure and a ton of new users signed up for free accounts at DrChrono.com.

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Health Insurance


Here is some great information provided by CNCB on health insurance from the show On the Money.

  • 48 million Americans under the age of 65 lack health insurance.
  • 1/3 of Americans spend part of year 2007 without health insurance.
  • The last decade for premium employer sponsored health insurance rose 4x times as fast as our income.

Just as a side note, there is a company that does health insurance rating, the company is called A.M. Best. Check out the A.M. Best website if you are looking for health insurance ratings.

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