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Must have Ubuntu Packages

These are packages that I use and recommend on my Linux Ubuntu box.

System Tools

  • Filelight
    Displays a circular graph of the space used by your files, so you know when you
    have big files (for example, images of your work) that if you backup them you’ll save space.
    sudo apt-get install filelight
  • gdmap
    Displays space used by files, but with squares.
    sudo apt-get install gdmap
  • gParted
    Interface for partitioning your hard disk drive, and make it a bit easier, without having to reinstall everything.
    sudo apt-get install gparted
  • aptoncd
    Just for Ubuntu and Debian. Allows to backup your packages installed in a CD so you can have them ready to
    install in another computer.
    sudo apt-get install aptoncd
  • htop
    sudo apt-get install htop

Programming/Editor Tools

  • PDFedit
    Free (and open source) editor for manipulating PDF documents. GUI version + command line interface.
    sudo apt-get install pdfedit
  • Bluefish
    sudo apt-get install bluefish
  • Meld
    A simple but powerful small tool that can compare two files or directories and tell you the differences, or merge them.
    sudo apt-get install meld
  • vim
    sudo apt-get install vim

Music Tools

Photo Tools

  • sudo apt-get install xaralx

Networking Tools

Media Players

Downloading Tools



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