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Online Development/Developer Communities

Stack Overflow

Jeff Atwood and Joel Spolsky got together a little over a year ago to create I think the best online tech communities around. Somehow they where able pull it off which I commend them on their great feat, getting developers to work together!…if you have never heard of these sites, I highly urge you to go and start using these sites!

Online development communities:

My accounts on these sites:

Joel and Jeff have a great podcast as well that I am an avid listener too.

As well the Stack Overflow iPhone app is here!

Employment, Jobs Info & where to post your CV/resume

Below are great tips and on finding information on employment, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn if you want to add anything to this list.

Posting jobs at Schools

Must Follow on Twitter

Jobs Search Tools

Consulting Gigs

Job Market Information

Salary Information

Startup Jobs

Corporate Jobs, I listed a few. You can always look up more info on companies on LinkedIn.

Temp Jobs

Web Jobs, to name just a few…

Government Jobs

Job Fairs

Work Tips

Head Hunders … I highly recommend you work with a few head hunters when looking for you next job.

Interview Questions, do your research and read up on some interview questions.

Have job related questions? Check out careeroverflow.com

And of course there are jobs as well at drchrono.com.

Some hard programming tests from some of the best companies:
Facebook Puzzles

If you are looking to find people, check this out as well talentbin