Q & A: Careers at a digital healthcare company


If you are looking for an amazing place to work, drchrono might just be for you.

How did we find and hire our first few employees?
Our very first hires were people we found who were looking for jobs in the recession back in 2009 when we started drchrono. When times are bad, hiring tends to be amazing as talented people are looking for jobs.

Getting out there is key, talking, getting booths and socializing at conferences we met some of our best employees early on as well. Don’t underestimate where you can find good people who believe in an idea, talent is everywhere, you just need to keep your eyes open and get out there.

A key for our company early on was and still is having an inspirational mission. What is our mission? We are trying to make the world a better place by fixing healthcare. Healthcare in the US is broken, very broken, it is hard for doctors to get paid for work, it is hard for patients to see what they are paying, and the healthcare industry today is mainly driven by paper and fax machines. In todays day and age this just shouldn’t be, healthcare can be better. Our goal is to fix what is wrong with healthcare by using disruptive tech, and thinking in innovative ways. Our mission naturally attracts people who are trying to make a difference. People motivated by a mission.

Which positions are the hardest to fill and why?
Generally brilliant software developers are the hardest people to find and positions to fill, we are picky and only want amazing talent at drchrono so it makes it even harder. My cofounder Michael and I are software developers, so we keep the bar high and only look for these best people we can find in Silcon Valley.

Silicon Valley has a shortage of amazing engineers due to all of the startups that are flocking here, starting here and raising capital in the Valley.

We don’t look at an engineers degree, but past projects to tell us what they are made of and can do. It isn’t the developers school but a persons past projects and software built and speed of development that gets them hired.

What are the qualities of an ideal startup employee?
We look for people who want to change the world, not just get a paycheck. We look for people who have done amazing work, they think like a startup of one, building or doing something that makes them standout from the crowd. We want people who are go getters who get things done.