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You should understand what your CEO, COO, and CFO are talking about.

An MBA can cost as much as $200,000 dollars, below are a few great resources for anyone who wants to learn about the financial aspects of running a company.

The basics are the most critical aspects for anyone who wants to learn, the Financial Story Teller is one of the best educators about finance.

Cashflow statement:

Income statement:

The balance sheet:

This course “Introduction to Finance, Accounting, Modeling and Valuation” is well worth the money.


Perhaps one of the best videos on SaaS if you are running a Software as a Service company is from David Skok of Matrix Partners: Driving SaaS Success Using Key Metrics

Enterprise Value vs Equity Value

Enterprise value (EV) and equity value/market value (MV) are business valuations. Enterprise value (EV) is used when considering the purchase of a business, whereas equity value/market value (MV), is used when considering an investment in the common stock of the business. A great resource for reviewing these valuations definitions.

Enterprise Value

The net assets of a business are funded by a combination of debt and equity. It follows that the value placed on these net assets must be the same as the value placed on the equity plus the value placed on the debt.

Net assets value = Equity value + Debt value