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Recommended Entrepreneur Podcast Listening


There are tons of great resources out there for startups, podcasts being one, I highly recommend listening to the following:

The Startup Success Podcast, Sramana Mitra and Bootstrapping

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My list of useful things you can do in Microsoft Excel 2007:

How to Create a Drop Down List

Validation with Lists:


One of the best free add-ins I have seen for excel is ASAP Utilites.

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Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)


Question. What is PGP?
Answer. PGP stands for Pretty Good Privacy. It is used to encrypt and decrypt data.

Question. What is GPG (or GnuPG)?
Answer. GPG stands for Gnu Privacy Guard (also called GnuPG). This is an open source substitute for PGP.

Phil Zimmerman, creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) interview:

A great talk from Security Now! on PGP and crypto.

PGP software may be obtained via:
www.gnupg.org This is open source software that is a full replacement for PGP. It is free but does not use a graphical interface – it is command line only. (used primarily on UNIX type systems)

This is generally how PGP using it with email, it can be used to transfer other types of files:

Help using GnuPG via command line

Using GnuPG with a GUI in Ubuntu

A great cheat sheet I found online about PGP and some of the most used commands

Moving PGP Keys

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How to get HTTPS (SSL) into Your Website


You will need an SSL certificate, I recommend DigiCert.

Other people on Server Fault recommend a few other certificate authorities (CA).

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Remote Machine Boot Control


Restarting/reboot a Windows XP remotely, use ‘shutdown’ command from the command console.
Run cmd.exe, and type ‘shutdown -r -t 0’ to restart the machine.

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James Burkes The Day The Universe Changed


Some of my favorite series shows were presented by James Burke a science historian.

The Day The Universe Changed, is one of my favorites, I highly recommend the series.

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Networking Tools


Another list I plan on adding to over time…

Online networking tools:

Unix/Linux networking tools:

Simple examples of dig, the dns utility

To get an A record for an address:
$dig www.google.com

To get any record for an address:
$dig www.google.com ANY

To use a specific dns server:
$dig @ns.google.com www.google.com

To find the MX records of a domain:
$dig google.com MX

Mac help:
Accessing a windows shared drive from a mac

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Linux/Unix System Administrator Tools


Online tools:

Offline tools:

  • (I will be adding to this list overtime….)

Software tools:

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The Social Media Revolution Video


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Python Django Development


Ok so you want to learn about Python and Django.

First off understand the difference between Django and other languages.
Lets take Java Vs Python, read this article.

The official site http://www.djangoproject.com/.

Best tools for Django.

sublime text editor

Then install some packages

to install the open source stuff copy the “import urllib2,os; ….” stuff
then press command ~ and past it in and press enter.

Best plugins are

  • sftp
  • Theme – Soda
  • SublimeCodeIntel
  • SideBarEnhancements
  • WordHighlight

– Control + Command + P – switching between different projects
– Command + / – commenting/uncommenting
– Command + ] – Indent
– Command + [ – Unindent
– Control + Command + Up – move selected line up
– Control + Command + Down – move selected line down
– Command + Number – switches to an open tab. Command + 1 goes to the 1st tab, Command + 2 – 2nd tab, etc.
– Shift + Command + F – searches through the whole project
– Shift + Control + K – deletes selected code or line


I do a lot of work in the Eclipse IDE.
Here are a few of my tips using that IDE–
Getting autocomplete in eclipse with the PyDev plugin, press the following sequence of keys:
f [control] [space]
(I’ll do my best to keep this post updated.)

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