Building on the drchrono iOS API through Deep Linking

What is deep linking on iOS?

Deep linking in iOS is using hyperlink URLs to launch an app with specific content. The specific content can be a particular section of an app page, or a certain tab or specific view. To test this out you can download the Twitter app, login and then close the twitter app. Next open twitter://timeline in your Safari mobile iOS browser and wallah, iOS will switch to the Twitter app and go directly to your timeline. You can even do more sophisticated app switching like this – in your, iOS Safari Browser enter this, twitter://post?message=learn%20deep%20linking and the native twitter app should open up with a draft message composed “learn deep linking”.

You can use deep linking for:

  • Moving data between the apps from launching an app from another app and passing information
  • Building a web-like URI based navigation scheme within your app
  • And of course integration with other apps like drchrono EHR by letting them launch your app directly
  • Also recording and reviewing user behavior to learn where your users launch your app from

How to use deep linking on Apple iOS iPad?

To link back into drchrono, it can now be done, you can Deep Link into the iPad iOS appointment page. This is the code to do it, it is super simple to do –

 Deep link to an appointment drchrono://appointment/<appointment_id>

You can Deep Link into the iPad iOS patient chart as well –

Deep link to a patient drchrono://patient/<patient_id>
You can Deep Link A great example of a partner show has built into drchrono is our partner Physitrack

How to Login to EHR via oAuth?

If you wanted to setup login on iOS, it can be done, the team at Eko Devices did an amazing job. They leveraged the drchrono Healthcare Doctor API which can be found here,

You can see a video here –